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A building’s fire resistance rating (FRR) – specified by the fire engineer – is designed primarily, to allow occupants and rescue services sufficient time to safely evacuate a building in the event of fire.
RedCrow specialise in the supply and install of the right products using the right processes to ensure a building’s FRR is instated completely and correctly.

A building’s fire resistance rating is composed of three key areas:

Fire Stability


The stability rating dictates that the buildings structure must remain stable and without risk of collapse for at least the specified number of minutes.

Stability relates to:

Fire Stopping


The integrity rating refers to the containment of smoke or flame – smoke being by far the most dangerous aspect of a fire – for at least the specified number of minutes.

Integrity relates to:

Fire Stopping


The insulation rating refers to the prevention of heat from one fire cell to the next. Floor and wall surfaces must not increase in temperature by more than 180ºC for at least the specified number of minutes.

Insulation relates to:

Structrural Protection

Structural Protection

Structural fire protection guards essential structural components such as structural steel from the effects of fire. This is achieved by enveloping the structure in fireproof material either in the form of thin spray-on intumescent paint coatings, spray-on cement, or encasing the structure in a gypsum based plasterboard product.

Our experienced staff can advise you on which option is best suited to meet the Fire Resistance Rating on your project.

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Structural solutions at a glance:

Board Encasing


Where a plasterboard like finish is needed, structural steel can be protected by enclosure within the appropriate thickness fireproof wallboard.

Paint Coatings


Intumescent fireproofing involves spraying structural steel with a paint-like coating. This is the most popular form of structural protection as it is a relatively thin coating that is very similar in appearance to paint.

Cement & Gypsum Coatings


Structural steel is covered in a thick layer of what is known as vermiculite cement. This is the most economical solution but is the least aesthetically pleasing so is generally used in areas where the structure is not seen.

Fire Protection


A building’s fire rating becomes compromised when services such as electrical, data, plumbing and HVAC are installed through walls and floors. RedCrow reinstates the FRR by the supply and installation of typical proprietary systems such as collars, wraps, sealants, curtains and boards.

Our experienced staff are happy to advise you on the best solutions to meet your FRR.

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Fire-stopping features at a glance:

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We offer a range of reliable proven solutions that all meet AS 1530.4 and are installed to AS4072.1.

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Our highly thorough systems ensure fire ratings are correctly reinstated once the services such as electrical, data and plumbing have been installed.

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A written and photographic report of every component of every job is uploaded to a secure server providing you with an exceptional real-time record of work done.

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