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At RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects our focus for 2021 is to continue applying changes within our organization that will help build highly productive and engaging teams.

We endeavor to enter the modern world of business by empowering instead of controlling. Having a highly skilled and qualified operations team enables us to confidently encourage each member to become like owners of their own business units within RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects.

RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects also realizes the importance of mentoring and guiding each salesperson. 2021 gives us the opportunity to create new networks, implement new pricing structures and become more transparent. The sales motto for 2021 is, “Ready for new things.”

RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects will continue to become better, not only within ourselves but also in the role we play in our local community. We aim to continue creating awareness in exciting recycling projects, raising funds for charities, donating awards to local schools and finding ways of reminding the less fortunate that we care.

We look forward to what 2021 has in store for us and our clients and welcome you to join us on this journey.



We would like to thank Sustainable Coastlines for giving us the opportunity to participate in their coastal clean-up at Orewa Beach. It was heart-warming to see young children and families come together to clean our shores and give back to our environment just in time for Christmas.

We were also pleasantly surprised at the condition of Orewa beach, the level of cleanliness shows that the Rodney community takes great pride and care for our shores.

RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects are grateful that there are organizations like Sustainable Coastlines maintaining our beautiful beaches and feel blessed to play a part in keeping this beautiful space clean for our community and clients.



On behalf of everyone at RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects we would like to congratulate Vanguard Military School for their tremendous commitment and efforts in completing the educational year of 2020.

We recognize this year was difficult for Vanguard under Covid 19 circumstances. Losing 6 weeks’ worth of learning and having online technical issues must have been most challenging. However, Vanguard’s principles proved successful through the hard work of staff and students. We proudly announce that all Level 3 students achieved one hundred percent pass rate.

This will be our fourth year sponsoring the Business Administration and Computing Award. We are pleased to announce that Voni Fakahau has received this award and wish him all the best with pursuing his career in the Defense Force.

Thank you Vanguard for providing us with confident and well prepared young people. Your graduation ceremony was a memorable experience, just as our time involved with the school has been too.

May 13, 2014


We are proud to announce that we will now be listed as a RE:mobile location point for the disposal of your old / unused mobile phones at 42 Tarndale Grove, Rosedale.

RE:mobile of Spark has successfully raised $2.5 million in donations for charity Sustainable Coastlines. Sustainable Coastlines plant trees alongside our waterways to restore habitats for native animals, reduce sediment and improve water quality.

Here at RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects we value sustainability and supporting this restorative movement brings a feeling of doing right by our planet.

Thank you Spark for allowing our fellow green thumbs the opportunity to RE:mobile their phones!

May 13, 2014


We would like to congratulate LT McGuinness Ltd. and our team at RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects on the completion of stage one on project 30 Madden Apartments.

More specifically to Project Director Aaron Lindsay, we were touched by his professionalism and appreciation towards our staff on this project.

Not only were we blessed to encounter a raised benchmark level of quality of this project, the project was completed 4 weeks in advance! This adds tremendous value to LT McGuinness Ltd. as an organization and more so to Aaron Lindsey’s skills as Project Director.

“I would like to personally thank each and every one of you and your teams for delivering on the promise. The successful completion of a Project can only be achieved if everyone performs and that is exactly what has happened at 30 Madden. We had no losers and it showed” – Aaron Lindsey

May 13, 2014

celebrating with cpb

So recently RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects asked the guys to send through some photos of memorable moments at work and this awesome photo of our man JP came through!

This picture shows our relationship (as seen in the brilliant merch) with CPB Contractors. In saying this we would like to congratulate our team for helping CPB on the Waikeria Prison Development project!

“CPB as the main contractor on the Waikeria Prison Development Project celebrated their one million man hour fatality free run by awarding all on site subcontractors with a personalized beanie and lunch” – Shaun O'Brien (Senior Projects Manager)

Being able to sub contract for CPB has been very rewarding, they have taken amazing care of our guys and have made us feel as if we were one of their own on this project.

May 13, 2014

a big thank you to Naylor love

Thank you Naylor Love for presenting RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects with the Sustainability Subcontractor Award of the Month.

“It was a pleasure to present our Naylor Love Sustainability Award to your team today and I hope you will have many more opportunities helping our caring community in the future” - Lenie Buis @ Naylor Love

Congratulations to everyone who made the Kaipatiki Pest Free project a day to be remembered!
This award brings a feeling of unity to RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects and encourages our team for keeping the beautiful environment around us safe and ever-thriving.


May 13, 2014


Hi! I’m Lorien, the youth representative/ Intern of RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects. I would like to share a story of my time so far in the organization.

It began when I managed to land an interview with a close friend of the companies. After a successful interview I was then asked to trial as a receptionist for a week at RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects to see if I would be suitable for their requirements. Lucky enough RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects loved me and the decision to keep me in the office was made.

I had just completed the first half of my first year at university, studying a Business Bachelors with Marketing as my Major. Completing this going into my first summer holidays, keeping in mind that my prior job had just told me 2 weeks out from starting work again that they didn’t have the hours for me. I was very blessed to be taken under the wing of RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects.

I worked and learnt my first office skills as a Receptionist over the beginning of the summer (2019) and about halfway through with the knowledge of my studies transferred to the position of Intern. I spent that time helping everyone in the office with various tasks and learning what it was like to be a part of such a high-tech level company in the construction industry. This also helped me build on my practical experience of business.

This summer (2020) my job role has been promoted to assisting and working closely with our head of Public Relations and being able to build our social media platform for the company (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). Some background information about me is that I am passionate and with social media marketing and hope to follow this through my career when I graduate. This role is the perfect opportunity and steppingstone to the beginning of my career!

I have been privileged to be part of this team over the course of my studies. They have helped support and fund me throughout. I am beyond grateful for their kindness as I truly wouldn’t be where I am today without them.
I can honestly say that RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects offer a lot more than just Passive fire protection, specifically to their staff. Within the company there is an opportunity for career growth, fulfillment, major support and care for every worker as implemented through a family valued environment and perspective.

May 13, 2014


Can you guess whose birthday it is in the office? Our main man Carl! Oh and you ask what the cheeky moustache is for? MOVEMBER of course!!

Along with our incredible RedCrow Auckland Ltd | Armour Projects team raising well towards our target for the movement, Carl would like to ask for your support in donations towards the cause of men’s health for his birthday! Who could deny that face their birthday wish. Obviously not you!
So raise your gift towards the Movember cause and donate through our link Whether that be as little as $1, let’s make this birthday less about receiving, but giving back.
We shall celebrate your support as an office with the obvious memo mistake of too many cakes!! Should probably consider doing the 60km Movember run together after today!

Happy birthday Carl and Happy Movember!
#movember #menshealth #menshealthawareness

Nov 01, 2020

Movember 2020

RedCrow Auckland Ltd / Armour Projects Movember challenge, are you in? It’s for a good cause!
Shave it, grow it, show it, all shapes, all sizes.
Come on let’s do it.

RedCrow Auckland Ltd / Armour Projects