A building’s fire resistance rating (FRR) – specified by the fire engineer – is designed primarily, to allow occupants and rescue services sufficient time to safely evacuate a building in the event of fire. RedCrow specialise in the supply and install of the right products using the right processes to ensure a building’s FRR is instated completely and correctly.


With close to two decades of international and domestic experience, we bring an unmatched wealth of expertise and professionalism in the supply and installation of passive fire protection solutions.

Armour Projects provide a full project valuation, and recommend the correct solution required for fire protection, thermal control, long term weathering, immersion linings, heat resistance and insulation requirements.





Passive fire protection refers to the use of construction elements within a building that are designed to prevent or delay the spread of fire and/or smoke to different parts of the building.

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Passive fire protection maintains integrity of structural components. It reduces the likelihood of structural collapse in the event of a fire, creating a safer environment for occupants.

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what is passive fire protection

Passive fire protection refers to the use of construction elements within a building that are designed to prevent and limit the spread of fire, minimize damage, and give occupants more time to evacuate safely.


What is fire rated resistance

The term used to describe the minimum fire resistance required of primary and secondary elements as determined in the standard test for fire resistance or in accordance with a specific calculation method verified by experimental data from standard fire resistance tests. It comprises of three numbers (120/120/120) giving the time in minutes for which each of the criteria (structural adequacy, integrity and insulation) are satisfied.


What is fire protection coatings

Intumescent, Cementitious fireproofing coatings and structural steel encasement are specified by Architects, Designers and Fire Engineers to protect a buildings structural steel from failure in the event of fire.


We analyse your needs carefully

Our Technical team understands that proper analysis is critical to the success or failure of any project, hence they will perform detailed analysis to determine the needs and/or conditions to meet the expectation of any product or project.

We provide best possible solutions

Successful service delivery helps clients instantly see how working with RedCrow will make a difference with their passive fire requirements. Focusing on the best possible passive fire solutions will guarantee building compliance.

Real Time

Our real-time online reporting app Firetronic® provides an exceptionally thorough itemised record of work completed allowing you to track progress as it happens, and in years to come, look back at exactly what work was done and download any information required.

RedCrow specialize in the supply and installation of compliant products using the correct processes to ensure a buildings FRR is installed completely. Our selection of Products comply with the AS1530.4 standard and are installed according to the AS407.2 standard.

We follow Passive Fire Protection(PFP) compliance according to the Auckland Council's position statement.


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